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My Nikken shop can be accessed here

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A healthy mind in a healthy body

Discover the Nikken brand and its vision of wellness product

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Optimum relaxation thanks to an expertise of more than 40 years.

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To be healthy by choice, not luck

Sylvain - Nikken Consultant

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On the market for more than 40 years, Nikken has been able to develop and evolve products improving our well-being through simple changes in our daily life. Every day we have to sleep, breathe, drink and eat. By optimizing these aspects of life, we can achieve a significant change in our well-being.

Whether you are in New York, Los Santos, Chicago or any other provincial city, Nikken sells its products through its online store and advisers.

The PiMag system: the PiMag innovation allows running water to be thoroughly filtered to eliminate the various residues that are harmful to our body that may remain in drinking water. Chlorine, pesticides, drug residues etc.

Dynaflux patented magnetic products: the magnets releasing a magnetic field, this energy benefits our body and brings us closer to the energies of the natural environment. We can find for example here magnetic soles

Healthy food supplements: to supplement a diet which sometimes contains deficiencies, Nikken has a whole range of well-being products from vitamin products to many specific complexes.

Air filtration: the air being more and more polluted, many particles are harmful long-term, this is the reason why Nikken has developed an air filtration system so that your rooms at home contains cleaner air.

Nikken’s desire is to improve our life conditions by offering useful, innovative and high-end products in order to have a caring approach to our body.

The Nikken Company

Nikken is a world famous Japanese company offering innovative, reliable, high-end products. The brand truly want to help people maintain a healthier life.

Founded in 1975, Nikken company was inspired by Asian culture, many of whose fundamentals are based on reconnecting with nature.

To succeed, Nikken brings well-being in the main aspects of life: sleep, air, water, food.

With over 40 years of experience, Nikken was the first company to develop magnetic technology that benefits our everyday life.

Since creation, Nikken has continuously developed research to offer a whole range of high-end wellness products. Numerous patents have been registered over the years to ensure a remarkable quality.

Recognized know-how

An experience of more than 40 years

Quality on the agenda

A set of high-end products

Softness and well-being

Patented technologies to get closer to the natural environment

Sylvain - Nikken Partner

From awareness to action

By becoming aware of my way of living, I realized that I was too focused on the mind and the daily life; I was not connected with my body and nature’s environmental energies.

So I did a work on myself for several years (4 to 7 years) to be able to reconnect with myself and create a healthy environment. I discovered life from a different perspective: a more caring perspective.

Sharing the same values as the Nikken company, our partnership came about naturally, and the products I use benefits my body and indirectly my state of mind.

As a result of my positive experience with Nikken and the good feedback I had about the products, I decided to create this site with the name of the vision I now have-ok- on my life.

Nikken is recognized around the world. It’s a Multi Level Marketing company. Here are the Nikken stores:

You will be able to discover all Nikken marine cosmetics products, nutritional products, magnetic products releasing endorphin as well as all water filtration products for the tap, the shower.

Nikken is present worldwide

A healthy body to have a better state of mind

The link between mental health and physical health is often poorly understood.

Mental health and physical health are often seen as separate entities, but the two go hand in hand and are closely related – one often affects the other. WHO actually defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.
Poor physical health can lead to poor mental health, and poor mental health can precipitate or worsen physical problems, causing a vicious cycle that can be difficult to break.
This perceived disconnect between “mind” and “body” creates the misconception that mental illness is not physical illness. In reality, mental health has a direct impact on your physical health.


Making simple lifestyle changes – like physical activity, diet, and sleep – can go a long way in improving how you feel inside and out. It is becoming aware of the elements or opportunities that are around us that can bring us good on a daily basis. The Nikken store offers well-being products allowing you to find solutions corresponding to our various problems.

The path to optimal wellness begins with a commitment to improving your physical health. Taking care of your physical health is an important part of taking care of your mental health. Nikken has also put its vision through 5 pillars.